Brandon Savoy

American, b. 1980, Port Arthur, Texas based in Los Angeles, California.
His latest series, “subCon Redux”, is a dopamine flood of his subconscious onto the canvas. Painting from memory and feeling alone, Savoy layers a myriad of colored marks of oil on the canvas creating a dream-like feel that guides viewers to fill in the negative space with their own memories.  Though he is best known for producing graphical oil paintings that filter and transform from abstract shapes into focus, Savoy’s process constantly evolves through experimentation of abstract mark making.. Savoy’s art starts off with a loose concept on a blank canvas that evolves into the finish state of chaotic exchanges of energy between him, the paint, and the canvas. Pulling from his past memories, his paintings do not fully resemble the image but capture the energy to evoke an emotion. In perpetual learning, Savoy experiments and studies energy, color and light to further push his art.